I Love Products The only time in my life that mar…

I Love Products

The only time in my life that marketing really hits me is #1 when it involves technology (aka- the newest gadget) and beauty products. I will literally seek out and buy any product I feel might become my new favorite. Thing of it as research for this blog, I MUST buy these products so I can tell you which you should also get your beauty grubbing hands on.

To find beauty products I love, I don’t always see them advertised. In fact, I rather like to have the underground ‘cool’ stuff that not everyone may know about but is fantastic. The best way to find secrets on products is to ask other product grubbing people. I go to my local Sephora store or department store and start asking questions. Before Christmas last year, I was having a conversation with the girl who worked at the Smashbox counter at the downtown Nordstrom location about eye shadow. I have the worst time getting my eye shadow to stay on my eyelids. She took me aside and told me a secret. Urban Decay makes the best eye primer on Earth! It not only makes your shadow stay on your eye, it makes the color of your shadow more vibrant. This brings about an entirely new set of problems. This eye primer is sold out everywhere! Of course, you can order it online but if you can’t find it, you can also get the under eye concealor which has the same formula as the primer. This is actually what I use on a daily basis to make a nice palette for the eye shadow.

My newest find comes from a love for another product line. Good ol’ Kiehl’s. I have been a long time fan of Kiehl’s. I love their store here in Seattle, the people are very knowledgeable and always send me out the door with hands full of samples. With the popularity of Kiehl’s, other companies are trying to create that pharmeceutical feel for a new generation. Leaving the door open to my new favorite product makers- Malin & Goetz. These modern apothecaries make a fantastic array of lotions, soaps, hair care and more. Check out their site and you will see what I mean. All the cool kids sport these products, you will thank me for the cool cred later.


Foodies Approved I love going to spend a nice eve…

Foodies Approved

I love going to spend a nice evening with friends for dinner or drinks (most likely a combination of both). Sometimes I find that I am struggling to find something to take to a dinner party that will be quick, easy and won’t give my friends food poisoning. Here is a recipe that works every time and is sure to be a crowd favorite at your next party.

Layered Cake Appetizer

Grocery List:
2 blocks of cream cheese, you may use a lower fat version but don’t get the fat-free.
Sun Dried Tomato in Olive Oil
Pine nuts
Olive Oil

To assemble:
Slice the blocks of cream cheese into 2 pieces like you would if you were making a layered cake. You should have 4 large slices of cream cheese and depending on the plate you want to assemble the tower on, you may either make the tower tall or longer. Place the first layer of the cream cheese on the bottom of the serving dish and cover the layer with pesto. Then add another layer of cream cheese and a layer of sundried tomotoes, then cream cheese, then pesto and so on. On the top layer cover the top of the tower with pine nuts. Now for the bread. I like to make crustinis to accompany this appetizer which is very simple (it has to be for me!)

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees on bake and slice your baguette into 1/2″ slices and place on a baking sheet. In a bowl, combine 6 tablespoons of olive oil, salt and pepper. Using a pastry brush, cover the pieces of bread with the mixture. Once you have covered the top, turn over the bread and repeat on the backside. Place in the oven for 7 minutes until crunchy and delicious. Take the crustinis off the baking sheet and load around the layered cake and enjoy. If you don’t have time to make crustinis, might I suggest any kind of flatbread to accompany this appetizer. The cheese is very spreadable and works great with flatbreads (also you can shovel more in your mouth that way).

I stole this recipe from a martini bar I used to frequent when I was a senior in college in Fort Collins Colorado called Elliot’s. One one night specifically my friends Boomer and Craig helped me eat an full one of these appetizers in one sitting (along with SEVERAL of Elliot’s martinis) and I have loved this ever since.

Cheese + Pesto + Sun Dried Tomatoes + Bread = Yumminess!

Vent I find myself so overwhelmed with certain e…


I find myself so overwhelmed with certain emotions that often I want to scream. I want to yell about what an amazing day it is to be alive and to be me. Or how sick I am of being underestimated. Or how lonely it can be to feel like the person who understands you most, doesn’t love you. Or how funny it is to have all these thoughts.

There is a fantastic website for this exact reason. It is lovely to be able to write anything and put it out to the universe. It always makes me feel better. You may very well see some of my postings on this site (although I will never tell you which).


Unexpected Inspiration Over the last couple of we…

Unexpected Inspiration

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been reading a lot of magazines working on some concepts for decorating my home. While I like the decorations now, I want to do some unique things that make it feel more creative and less like a Pottery Barn catalog. I was reading a fantastic magazine called DOMINO that featured a section on ‘Fashion at Home’ with Orla Kiely, a London based designer best known for her vibrant colored patterns and unique handbags.

Orla isn’t afraid of colors but they tend to stay in the earth tones, even yellows and oranges have a very strong brown base to them. She likes to use patterns that are geometric or are basics on flowers. Not so surprisingly that same palette and feel are visible in the decor around her London flat. The colors on the walls are very neutral and mostly white or a greyish white but the furniture and accessories really bring the rooms to life. For example, adjacent from Kiely’s kitchen is a vibrant royal blew sofa with a very modern feel. It is accented with pillow that are a part of Orla Kiely’s collection and are seen throughout her own house.

I found Orla’s style both from a design standpoint and style side to be right up my alley. She has a way of walking the line between modern pieces while keeping old charm with molding and accessories. Just yesterday, I was shopping in Seattle and ran across a store that sold Orla’s handbags. I found this an amazing coincidence and a good omen, that I needed to have one of her bags for inspiration. It seemed odd to run into her pieces in Seattle but I was thrilled. So, keep searching for designers and artists who inspire you. I am thrilled to be able to look to Orla for inspiration in my fashion and home decor.

For more inspiration from Orla Kiely, check out some of her pieces online at orlakiely.com and see the spread I am talking about on page 52 of the July/August DOMINO magazine.

With Gas or Without… Just about nothing is bett…

With Gas or Without…

Just about nothing is better for our health than drinking water. There are so many different types of water now to keep you hydrated with glowing skin.

Here are some waters I love:
Pellegrino- Something about drinking Pellegrino makes me feel like I am sitting at a cafe in Italy enjoying a nice antipasta and sipping some water from their famous green bottle. The water is crisp and I think sparkling water can make doing 8 glasses a day so much more enjoyable.

BIOTA Colorado Pure Spring Water– This company came up with the genius idea of creating a bottle for the water that was made of…..CORN and therefore biodegrades at a rapid pace in comparison with plastic bottles. Their bottles only take 75-80 days to biodegrade while regular plastic water bottles never biodegrade. I absolute love this concept. I feel good abour drinking this companies water because they have made a real investment in the environment.

So keep drinking…

Nothing is Better… …Than a Red Lip You’d be …

Nothing is Better…

…Than a Red Lip

You’d be surprised what a red lip can do to make you feel sexy and spicy all day long. Don’t be fooled, not everyone can pull off this look but with a few easy steps, the process just got easier.

Supplies needed: red lipliner, red lip color, lipgloss.

Application Process:
1. Completely fill in your entire lip with red lipliner making a defined line around the perimeter of your mouth. No matter the size of the lip, don’t go outside the perimeter of your mouth. The liner creates the perfect base for the red lip color.
2. Apply the red lip color on top of the liner including the inside of the mouth.
3. Blot lightly and look for any spots that may need more coverage.
4. If you want to have a really special look, add gloss on top of your lips now. Just remember that gloss is tricky, especially red gloss, so less is more. When you are dealing with high pigment glosses, you must be aware of what you eat and drink because these glosses have high smear factor. You don’t want to end up looking that that Madonna video with the red lip stick smeared across her face.

I suggest keeping red lip color accessible throughout the day and a compact, so you can make touchups as the day goes on. There is no such thing as color stay lip color, at least none that will make your lips look beautiful and luscious.

Products I like to create this look:

Sephora Jumbo Pencil- Red $5.00

Loreal Colour Riche Lipstick- True Red

Sonia Kashuk Tinted Lip Balm – Sheer Berry

Once you pulled off the perfect red lip, cleanse your face like normal and apply a balm to your lips before you sleep. There are also some great lip treatment that help keep your lips in good condition after a hard day of being fabulous.

Don’t be afraid to go RED.