I Love Products The only time in my life that mar…

I Love Products

The only time in my life that marketing really hits me is #1 when it involves technology (aka- the newest gadget) and beauty products. I will literally seek out and buy any product I feel might become my new favorite. Thing of it as research for this blog, I MUST buy these products so I can tell you which you should also get your beauty grubbing hands on.

To find beauty products I love, I don’t always see them advertised. In fact, I rather like to have the underground ‘cool’ stuff that not everyone may know about but is fantastic. The best way to find secrets on products is to ask other product grubbing people. I go to my local Sephora store or department store and start asking questions. Before Christmas last year, I was having a conversation with the girl who worked at the Smashbox counter at the downtown Nordstrom location about eye shadow. I have the worst time getting my eye shadow to stay on my eyelids. She took me aside and told me a secret. Urban Decay makes the best eye primer on Earth! It not only makes your shadow stay on your eye, it makes the color of your shadow more vibrant. This brings about an entirely new set of problems. This eye primer is sold out everywhere! Of course, you can order it online but if you can’t find it, you can also get the under eye concealor which has the same formula as the primer. This is actually what I use on a daily basis to make a nice palette for the eye shadow.

My newest find comes from a love for another product line. Good ol’ Kiehl’s. I have been a long time fan of Kiehl’s. I love their store here in Seattle, the people are very knowledgeable and always send me out the door with hands full of samples. With the popularity of Kiehl’s, other companies are trying to create that pharmeceutical feel for a new generation. Leaving the door open to my new favorite product makers- Malin & Goetz. These modern apothecaries make a fantastic array of lotions, soaps, hair care and more. Check out their site and you will see what I mean. All the cool kids sport these products, you will thank me for the cool cred later.


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