Unexpected Inspiration Over the last couple of we…

Unexpected Inspiration

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been reading a lot of magazines working on some concepts for decorating my home. While I like the decorations now, I want to do some unique things that make it feel more creative and less like a Pottery Barn catalog. I was reading a fantastic magazine called DOMINO that featured a section on ‘Fashion at Home’ with Orla Kiely, a London based designer best known for her vibrant colored patterns and unique handbags.

Orla isn’t afraid of colors but they tend to stay in the earth tones, even yellows and oranges have a very strong brown base to them. She likes to use patterns that are geometric or are basics on flowers. Not so surprisingly that same palette and feel are visible in the decor around her London flat. The colors on the walls are very neutral and mostly white or a greyish white but the furniture and accessories really bring the rooms to life. For example, adjacent from Kiely’s kitchen is a vibrant royal blew sofa with a very modern feel. It is accented with pillow that are a part of Orla Kiely’s collection and are seen throughout her own house.

I found Orla’s style both from a design standpoint and style side to be right up my alley. She has a way of walking the line between modern pieces while keeping old charm with molding and accessories. Just yesterday, I was shopping in Seattle and ran across a store that sold Orla’s handbags. I found this an amazing coincidence and a good omen, that I needed to have one of her bags for inspiration. It seemed odd to run into her pieces in Seattle but I was thrilled. So, keep searching for designers and artists who inspire you. I am thrilled to be able to look to Orla for inspiration in my fashion and home decor.

For more inspiration from Orla Kiely, check out some of her pieces online at orlakiely.com and see the spread I am talking about on page 52 of the July/August DOMINO magazine.


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