With Gas or Without… Just about nothing is bett…

With Gas or Without…

Just about nothing is better for our health than drinking water. There are so many different types of water now to keep you hydrated with glowing skin.

Here are some waters I love:
Pellegrino- Something about drinking Pellegrino makes me feel like I am sitting at a cafe in Italy enjoying a nice antipasta and sipping some water from their famous green bottle. The water is crisp and I think sparkling water can make doing 8 glasses a day so much more enjoyable.

BIOTA Colorado Pure Spring Water– This company came up with the genius idea of creating a bottle for the water that was made of…..CORN and therefore biodegrades at a rapid pace in comparison with plastic bottles. Their bottles only take 75-80 days to biodegrade while regular plastic water bottles never biodegrade. I absolute love this concept. I feel good abour drinking this companies water because they have made a real investment in the environment.

So keep drinking…


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